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    October 31, 2012
    12:00 - 12:30pm EDT  

[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> helicopter flight over the new jersey shoreline spots this washed out bridges on the way this is a glimpse of the damage left behind by what was hurricane sandy. could afternoon, everyone. the aftermath is our top story this afternoon. the magnitude of the loss is staggering and entire communities along the jersey shore wiped clean. boroughs in new york flooded and transportation crippled for a third day. we are live in new jersey with
the latest. >> from the sky, the new jersey shore is barely recognizable. >> it was horrible, really sad. everything i grew up around is gone. >> as peopledamage, a massive ew under way to help those still stranded on the jersey shore. >> we will be moving people from the island because it is not safe to be there. >> he was one of the first to be brought to safety. all of his belongings in 1 bac. >> it was one of the scariest thing that i have lived through, but at least i lived. >> this morning in hoboken, thousands were stranded by the waters or surrounded their homes. in queens, those who were battered by flames hope to recover something from the
wreckage. >> i would like to find my child's photographs. >> much of the city resembles a ghost town. community members are promising to rebuild. >> we will rebuild. it will take a long time we will be back by next summer. >> the bridge to the shore behind me is still close to the public today and likely will be for a couple of days due to safety reasons. president obama is visiting the damage for himself today. >> check meanwhile, thousands in and near ocean city were forced to evacuate before the storm made landfall. residents say that there was plenty of wind damage to pickup, debris, down signs, and the buildings will need to be repaired. the worst damage was done by the water. the swollen day flooded city streets and stores and ocean
waves as high as 13 feet washed away most of the beaches and dunes and a large portion of the fishing pier. all in all, residents consider themselves lucky. closer to baltimore, we spotted people in the low-lying city areas to have to wade through floodwaters, people in wilson's. and other areas are used to flooding waters, but they say this was not nearly as bad as 2003's isabel. >> compared to isabelle, a piece of cake. my whole baseman had been flooded to the ceiling. >> this is mild, compared the late. -- comparatively. this is an ice storm, but compared to dispel -- is about, this is nothing. >> governor martin amount the remark o'malley will visit the eastern shore today, one of the
hardest-hit areas. a lot of progress made today by being t&e cruz, but much of the state is still without power. the jeep is reporting 6000 customers without power. most of them are in baltimore county where nearly 23,000 -- 2300 are without power. the utility is still urging customers to report outages. the number for that, 1-877-778- 2222. for school and business closings, visit our website. you can find the latest on the sandy aftermath, including pictures and videos from our viewers. >> the weather should be fairly quiet for the next few days. it will be chilly, though. still a chance to see a few light sprinkles, but nothing of any consequence.
50 at the airport. gusting and occasionally to 15 miles per hour. a 30% chance for a rain shower on this halloween day. nothing that will slow down trick or treating this morning -- this evening. if you do run into one of those rainshowers, it should be brief. high temperatures around 54 this afternoon when we come back, we will have a look at the forecast through the weekend. >> baltimore city police are trying to piece together the reason behind the shooting death of a man in east baltimore. it happened on tuesday on the 1100 block of homewood avenue. investigators found a 46-year old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. he was taken to hospital but died. it was reported that a garage and fire were on fire. 10 fire trucks were called to
battle the flames, which was contained in 30 minutes. no injuries were reported and there is no word on the cause of the fire. with six days left to change the minds of undecided voters, where will the presidential nominees be today? president obama says he will not hit the campaign trail until tomorrow, insisting recover from hurricane sandy takes his top priority. today, he visits new jersey to visit one of the areas hardest hit and one of his harshest critics, chris christie. surprisingly, he called the president and government efforts outstanding. mitt romney back on the road in florida. he collected some items for storm victims and called it a show of american spirit. many are hoping to hear more about his opinion about the government's reaction to the storm response. he has avoided those questions so far.
maryland had lost two days of the early voting schedule, so officials have decided to extend it one more day. the poles remain open until 9:00 tonight. originally, early voting was scheduled to end on thursday, but it has been extended until friday. for a list of early voting sites around the state, go to our website, coming up, two brothers know where to be found this afternoon after they were swept away by flood waters. but their mother says was happening at the time of the incident. and this seemed caught by a security camera in new york city.
>> two boys are still nowhere to be found in new york city after being swept away by floodwaters. the brothers, aged two and four, were riding in the car with their mother when the water overwhelm them. they were trying to escape when the water took them away. also in new york, is security video ketches flooding as it happens in the city's transit system. this was during high tide under the east river.
this is just one of seven tunnels that have been shut down due to flooding. more than 5 million commuters use the system every day and officials hope to have the system up and running by monday. a deal between disney and a production company behind the star wars movies is final. and now a seven star wars movie is in the making. lucasfilms was bought for just over $4 billion. the deal also includes the rights to the indiana jones franchise. still to come, super storm sandy had an impact on gas prices as well. and a new phone app to help diagnose concussions. >> the remnants of the big storm are still in the mid-atlantic region. we will let you know what you can expect in the next few minutes. 50
>> it is looking like gas prices are falling in the wake of sandy. the national average price fell to $3.53, more than 11 cents lower than last week. the drop comes even as refineries in the east were shut down or under reduced operations because of sandy, but many roads blocked, but will not be driving as much, which will slow down the man. constellation energy plans to open and two solar plants in the town of west over to generate electricity. the plants are located on former
farmland and her struggle to open up this year. executives say that it will generate 4 megawatts of electricity to service the university of maryland and chesapeake renewable energy. another new retailer was soon called baltimore home. marshall's plans to open up a store in the former filene's basement space. developer david brown says he expects marshals to become a hot downtown destination when moves into the 90,000 square foot place. >> the weather should stay pretty quiet for the next couple of days even though we are still under the influence of the remnants of sandy. there are a few sprinkles showing up on doppler.
you may run into one of those, but certainly nothing to cancel trick or treating or anything like that. that should go off without a hitch. here is the center of the storm. sperling on the satellite into pennsylvania and new york state. the further away it gets away from us, the better of the weather will be. since we are on the bottom side of the storm, the wind is coming out of the west and southwest, but they are fairly light, especially compared to the last couple of days. it should not be anything more than 12 miles per hour through the afternoon. that will make it feel cooler. temperatures struggling to make it out of the 40's. most of the mid-atlantic region is under these chilly temperatures. there has even been snow in the mountains. we should be able to get into the low 50's later today.
53 downtown. only in the 40's in the northern suburbs. if you are near the pennsylvania line, frederick, carroll county, probably in the upper 40's today. most of the flooding is over with, but it takes a lot of time to get rid of all that water. it takes time to drain into the tributaries and streams. there could still be a little bit of flooding in your neighborhood, if you live near one of those creeks or streams. the forecast for the rest of today, halloween 2012, not too bad. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. low to mid 50's in most areas. trick or treating should be just fine. it will be chilly, but no weather problems expected. tomorrow, about the same thing. the mixture of clouds and sun, maybe a few degrees warmer. keep in mind, the average time
is 62, so we will be below that number all weekend. saturday night, there could be -- to the forget, daylight savings time it is over. turn back the clocks one hour. and then tuesday, we boat. >> you might be sick of all this water, but if you are looking for a more affective workout, what her might be the way to go. canadian researchers looked at exercises on the land and water cycles. they discovered the maximum oxygen consumption was almost the same on both types. in fact, the participant cost blood pumped more efficiently while in water. researchers say that water workouts are great for anyone overweight or anyone with a joint injuries or arthritis. the number of recent hospitalizations and deaths due to respiratory diseases committed after smoke-free laws
were passed. in a matter of two years, researchers say hospitalizations for respiratory diseases fell 24%. the study noted the more comprehensive the law, the greater the change in statistics. more than ever, concussions are a big help concern at every level of support. now there is another tool to take the guessing game out of confessions. it is a checklist for and on your smartphones. >> in the height of high school football season, there is a new tool in place to help coaches and parents quickly recognize concussion signs and symptoms. the psychological test publishing company that created the app is here to tell me how it works. >> we look at balance, the t, blurriness, sensitivity to noise, numbness or tingling. >> the app tells you about the emergency signs and can even
call for emergency. follow instructions to know what to do next and take a picture of the person. >> it even shows you through gps where the incident occurred, so you can pull it up at a later date. for coaches, this is a great tool because it protects them from liability. a school could say, it did not happen on our brands, but actually, it did. >> if you missed the signs and your kid is operating with a concussion, that could be very dangerous. >> yes, there is something called a second impact syndrome. some children and up in a wheelchair or actually die from this. when a confession is not seen and they are sent back into play and then get another hit, and then -- >> worst case scenario, it could be fatal. >> the concussion recognition app costs just under $4 and a
portion of the proceeds go to confession research. researchers may have found a way to reduce the pain from removing a band-aid. and a new medical tape that will stick to your skin but will also peel apart easily. that is also good news for parents because a baby's skin whips much more easily than adults. the new tape will pull off of your skin without doing any damage. coming up tonight on the 11th news, a store that may have you wondering about the safety of your money. david collins exposes a crime that caused maryland bank customers a lot of grief >> it was a brazen crime that happened over and over again at 8:00 p.m.'s at dozens of maryland banks, and it was all caught on tape. we have images of these thieves
putting skimming images into bank systems. the devices we depend members and then bring their accounts. she is one of the victims. >> another check bounced and another check bounced. >> she was wearing that creditors might have thought that she was riding illegal checks. meanwhile, the scanners from bulgaria netted $6,000, and one of them is still on the loose. >> how they treated you put it to the cards and got away with the crimes were more than a year. and some of simple things you can do at the atm to protect you. >> coming up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. and we will get another check on the forecast. first, here is a look at how wall street is
>> after nearly 12 hours, and new world series of poker champion has been crowned. the player from maryland had been crowned the king of the cards and won the $8.3 billion prize. he is wearing an atom jones jersey and clearly is the winner of the prize. it took 399 hands of the final
match to decide the winner of the tournament. he also meant the gold championship bracelet worth $150,000. congratulations. coming up tonight, from the eastern shore to the appalachian mountains, we are tracking the aftermath of sandy. find out why home owners may get a nice surprise when it comes to insurance. and hundreds of red cross volunteers are flocking to the chesapeake region. president obama takes another day off from campaigning. a look at how hurricane sandy will impact the election. and now, your midday maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> happy halloween. it is time to play your pick 3 numbers. 1. 9.
final number is 3. pick 3 is one, nine, three. in a minute, pick 4. play today at her favorite lottery retailer. here are your pick 4 numbers. 8. 7. 3. a final number, 3. your pick 4 numbers, 8, 7, 3, 3. >> toni is back with a look at a much calmer forecast. >> are you taking the boys to court treating? >> yes, absolutely. >> temperature and will only make it to around 54 this afternoon.
62 is the normal for this time of year. >> you want to come trick or treating wit